Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by Commander Chi on Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:40 pm


1.Respect: Be respectful of everyone on this site whether it be another member, staff, or even a guest. We understand you don't have to like everyone here, but you do have to show respect. Insults, biases, rude/inappropriate remarks will not be tolerated.

2.Cursing: Mild cursing/swearing is allowed, but please refrain from making your posts into a curse-fest. There are people who rather not expose themselves to such exceeding actions.

3.Discrimination: Racial discrimination is not allowed. Any form of sexual harassment or insulting is also not allowed.

4.Flaming: Please avoid having flame wars in the Chat box, or on posts. Debates are fine, as long as no one gets hurt. Any kind of flaming, even on spam threads are not allowed.


1.Username: Your username must be your characters name and should not contain any symbol or other character. It must be a real name and not something silly like “Snot Breath”

2.Registration: In order to start your journey you're going to need a character. You can register your character here. After you finished your character wait for a mod to review it.

3.Alts: All members are allowed to have unlimited characters (however, they all have to be active).

4.Face Claim: Only artwork is acceptable on this site, real people are not. Stick to anime/manga characters or images you have drawn yourself. You may not use celebrities, models, or anything else for your characters avatar and face claim. You can find the face claim list here.

5.Revamping: It is not possible to revamp your character. If you'd like to try out something new you are allowed to create a new account for your new character.

6.Farewells: When posting a farewell thread, your account will be set on inactive. Your account will not be activated upon deciding that you wish to return again.


1.Character: All applications which are pending for approval may not be used in your threads. You may test them out on OOC threads, but any in character related posts are not allowed.

2.Chat/Meditation: Chat and/or meditation can't be used as words that count in threads that require you to count words.

3.Solo: Solo threads are possible, but please keep a thirty minute delay within your posts. When you are doing a solo thread, the minimum word count for a post is 100 words. Nothing less.

4.Necro: Do not post in dead topics at all, unless you are already in it and you plan to revive it and finish it. If no one is there anymore, do not post in it.

5.Topic Limit: Please keep in mind that you can only be in three roleplay topics at a time. The all must be in the same town, and only one may be a serious combat. This rule has been made to avoid difficulties in the storyline and timeline. If you wish to enter another roleplay topic that is not within your limit you must first leave your current topic.

6.Plagiarism: Plagiarism of any form is not tolerated. If you are caught plagiarizing, there will have harsh consequences.

7.Godmodding: This includes your character never getting tired during a fight, controlling another character within your posts and having anything God-like related. Same Sanctions as above.

8.Metagaming: Do not Meta-game. This means using information gained OOC being used IC.


1.Requests: Requests can only be done by members of the same guild. It is not possible to do requests with members from other guilds. Only event requests that require large scale operations can be done with members from other guilds.

2.Guild-Hopping: To prevent people from hopping from one guild to another a fee will be charged. The first time you wish to leave your guild and join another you must pay 50,000J, after that it doubles every time. Pick your guild wisely. This doesn't count for people who started as a guildless and are joining a guild.


1.Avatar: The size for an avatar is 150x300. It is required to have an avatar before you roleplay. The avatar must be an image of your appearance.

2.Signature: You can only have one signature image. The signature can't have a height exceeding 150px and a width of 500px.

3.Spoilers: Large images belong in spoilers.


1.Abuse: Do not abuse the NPC characters. They are not players to RP with, they are there for a purpose.

2.Godmodding: NPC characters have the right to godmod if needed. If you try to pick fights with the NPC enemies, you will lose. Write "Ready For Battle!" at the end of your character app to let the admin or mod know that you read the rules.

3.Bound: NPC characters can not leave their respective areas. There will be exceptions for the NPC's that have roles to play in forum events.

4.Personality: NPC characters are not robots. They are characters with their own personalities, likes and dislikes. If you intentionally piss them off, odds are you will no longer be able to take advantage of their services again without redeeming yourself in some way. You've been warned.


all uses must have two characters and must be active and rping no matter what when you log on you rp
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