commander hi revamped (wip)

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commander hi revamped (wip)

Post by Commander Chi on Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:39 am


Name: Commander alice Chi

Gender: female futa

Age: 20

Race: hybrid

Birthday: unkown

Human Appearance: alice is a large cheasted woman with long red hair her dailyout fit is her uniform her overly mucled and curvey body with over size boobs make her a looker her green eyes make it hard for people to say no to her

Personality: Personality: hard yet sucdtive she can als be very crul and commanding of her men her fleet is the best of the best she is bossie strong weild shapred tunged but at the same time can be kind and loving if you get on her good sized she is short temperd do to the fact she is a hybreed

Bio/History: Alice’s mother was one of the frist of the aliens to land on earth she was a socut sent to blind in with the humans she was to report back to the mothership with whatever data she could find she took over the body of a long did woman by the name of mary chi fleet admiral chi's life had died during the frist attack. the admiral know of this but let her live as she had taken the form of his died life nine months later alice was born half kardatin half human her kardatin form is yet to be known

during the war Alice grow up showing signs of kordain biologics a lizard tail and tongue with eight retractable arms she can also turn invable and her hard hide like skin make her bullet proof

Mech: the official mark 35 model

Guild: world army

Secret Password:
Commander Chi

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