Lt. Cmdr. Seris

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Lt. Cmdr. Seris

Post by Lt. Cmdr. Seris on Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:32 pm

Name: (Seris, Ilora)

Gender: F

Age: 23

Birthday: August 12 2010

Appearance: Long dark hair reaching to just past her butt. An angular face with dark eyes. Tall for a woman around 5' 11'' with a large chest and narrow waist. Very toned and fit without being muscular with long legs.

Personality: Vary strict when on duty and won't hesitate when given orders from a superior. However she flips into a really lax person when on leave or with her friends and the only thing that can really upset her when she's like that is people being rude or someone commenting on her appearance when it's not called for or wanted. She gives everyone a chance but not a second one ever.

Bio/History: Is determined to make military life into a career and joined up as soon as she was of age raising through the ranks a little faster than usual due to her drive. A minor criminal record when she was a juvy including fighting and petty left she was confronted with her death after something went wrong during a crime and she decided then to get her act together. Her father was in the military and he died while in the line of duty. This death caused her to act out hence the crimes but she followed in his footsteps after her slip up.


Guild: Unaffiliated

Secret Password: Read to Fight!

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Re: Lt. Cmdr. Seris

Post by Commander Chi on Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:39 pm

welcome to the world army
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