Revamp Joey Yamamoto: Solider

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Revamp Joey Yamamoto: Solider

Post by Solider Joey Yamamoto on Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:53 pm

Name:Solider Joey Yamamoto




Birthday:August 4

Human Appearance:Rip gray jeans with cross angle on it with a Tee that say Life is ok, but you must follow your heart to find your dream!, On the winter He Wear a Sweetshirt with black angels wings with Sweetpants with Swords going though hearts, And for the spring and summer you see him with a dark jacket with gray tee and a mix of jeans and shoes, Winter is dark black boots .His Hair is Part Black and Part Purple, the hair is very long.

Personality::is a cool kid to hang out with. peoples will tean to see him happy, but for Mikey,he mostly want to to be sad due to the speech imperment he have. He sometime smile and sometime he talk. He is sometime happy sometime he sad. But mostly he is a kid that does not like to talk. He mostly do not need friends and love to be by himself. But some can be his friends, but mostly he will put his body on the line to help his friends. He does not even wanna talk about them if they do he will get mad and change.

Bio/History: nothing is unknow about this kid but we know he is from the Yamamoto guild. One of the top guild ever. There gold is to take our any and all bad guys with style and there mech sword master is to prove for it. As his mom is a human and the dad was a alien. But during the war the dad begin to have feeling for the human as he fall in in love with her and got marry. But he did not stay that long with his love life.

A sneck attack came into play. As they try to fight back the best way ever well until they kill the dad becouse of leaving his kind to join the human. But after that She give birth to Joey. From that Joey life was a werid one until his mom show him swordmaster, he made a bond with that and begin to mod it to his liking.

During the war his dad side of the family kick in but not that powerfull he gain skin that can not get hit by rounds. Tap into his rage side and when in near death or anger into the boling point he can chsnge into the lizard. From that day he begin to help help any good mech/human and hybrid out in the war. As he is looking for a side to join to help even the war out for the good people's.

Mech: Sword master

Guild:Unaffiliated for now

Secret Password: Read to Fight!
Solider Joey Yamamoto

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