Character Rules

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Character Rules

Post by Commander Chi on Thu Jun 26, 2014 6:08 pm

-Your account name must match at least one of your character's names. If you don't, we might ask for you to change it.

-Please, follow the templates!

-We don't need any overpowered characters or mechs. If your a mech, I suggest this to you or it'll be harder for you to get your character accepted:

Large Mechs- Usually really heavy, slow, but heavily armored with really powerful weapons.
Medium Mechs- Usually not that heavy, a little faster, and not as armored but with medium to heavy weaponry.
Small Mechs- Usually light, fastest, and not nearly as armored as the other mechs, and with medium to light weaponry.

-Also, mechs have a blind spot AND a weakness. You must include these.

-As for pilots, they all have weakness as well. When they're piloting their mechs, they're going to have some sort of weakness during battle.

-Please, don't go TOO far with your mech. Don't make them as tall as the Empire State Building. I would say maybe.........200 feet or 250 feet is the highest.

-Your mech can fly, but base it off of what type it is. If a heavy mech, it would fly slower than the other mechs.

-For pre-approved characters who are getting abittlies you can still rp with them before their approval
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