Sergeant Major of The World Army--Jocelyn Koncord

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Sergeant Major of The World Army--Jocelyn Koncord

Post by Sergeant Major Koncord on Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:37 pm

Name: Jocelyn Koncord

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Race: Human

Birthday: 6/10

Human Appearance: Jocelyn is a 4'8" pale woman with a thin build. She wears heavy, dark grey military boots, a light grey military vest, and a long-sleeve, forest green shirt underneath it. Her jeans are dark blue and tucked into her boots. On her head is a dark green crush cap with pins of all sorts clipped onto it. Since she is blind, she wears an old, stained American flag bandana over her eyes.

Personality: Some could describe Jocelyn as weird or twisted. You can just tell by the way she dresses that there may be something wrong with her. She rarely ever speaks, but is always smiling. Whether it be evilly, mischievously, or happily. Despite how normal she may think she is, she really does have a few issues. With every being she kills, she will pick up something the person was wearing and clip the charm to her hat. Some she will pin to her shoes and others she'll keep at home.

Eating ice cream and dancing has to be two of her favorite things to do other than robbing people blind.....literally. She's learned how to see her surroundings much like a bat does but through the ground. She can simply be walking and know where and what things are. But she can't make out expressions and she can't read or write. Basically, vibrations will all retreat back to her after bouncing off objects. She can 'see' for about 20 feet before everything becomes unidentified.

Around other people, she's very antisocial and everybody who isn't her friend is her enemy. Even the people she's barely acquainted.

She takes being the highest rank in the World Army very seriously.

Bio/History: As a kid, Jocelyn was never introduced to being outside and doing extra curricular activities such as the movies, an amusement park, etc. Instead, her parents locked her inside of her own room. But there was a reason. To her parents, Jocelyn was crazy and insane. They just didn't want to give up their daughter to a looney house. For example, Jocelyn would take red paint and drag her hands across the wall and tell her parents how pretty it looked. Others included sitting down in front of the television and watching the buzzy channel with both hands on the screen; mumbling to herself.

Around the age of 12, Jocelyn had slowly begun to lose her sight. Her eyes became clouded from an ocean blue to a dull grey. And because she couldn't see how she looked anymore, she figured putting something over her eyes would keep her from wanting to look. Her interest in mischief and strangeness only continued.

At about 15, Jocelyn joined the World Army by her parents' orders. They knew she had potential considering how interested she was in the US military and learning different fighting styles through an instructor. They were right. She'd instantly picked up on the whole technique of it all. She even thought of it as being in a war. The World Army was the 'good guy' and society was the 'bad guy'. And she didn't even need a Mech to do it. Since she was thirteen, she'd figured out how to 'see' up to about seven feet. Since then, she only got better, and she only advanced to a higher and higher level.

Because of the past encounters with the enemies she needed in order to become a high rank, she has multiple scars on her body. Including a missing pinky toe.

Now that she's at her current age, she's learned how to deal with her 'insanity', and she actually enjoys the taste of souls unlike others. She's fixed her mech so she can feel what the mech is stepping on when inside of it. The vibrations of the feet hitting the ground allow her to see for about 40 feet or more. Sometimes she'll turn on her Biomechanical eyes to allow her to see everything in shades of yellow

Mech: Duke O' Hazard

Guild: World Army

Other: She finds Commander Chi as an inspiration since she was the first female in the World Army.

Secret Password: Ready For Battle!

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Re: Sergeant Major of The World Army--Jocelyn Koncord

Post by Commander Chi on Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:02 am

your good to go
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Re: Sergeant Major of The World Army--Jocelyn Koncord

Post by Aero Stalone on Sun Sep 21, 2014 11:11 pm

I also approve of this application.
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Re: Sergeant Major of The World Army--Jocelyn Koncord

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