Story Arc 1: An Inter Galactic War Begins

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Story Arc 1: An Inter Galactic War Begins

Post by Aero Stalone on Sun Sep 21, 2014 11:05 pm

In the year 2033, humanity experienced a change like no other in their history. Aliens, which have been given the name “Kordatins” were spotted by astronauts in a commercial satellite. They bore physical specs relating the common “lizardman” and carried with them a super human physique. Hailing from their homeland, Kordata, these aliens looked to colonize the Earth’s inhabitants very similarly to how Europeans invaded the New World during the age of exploration. Our weapons were of primitive make in comparison to the flying military robots commandeered by the aliens, which we have nicknamed “mechs”. The alien race was far too powerful in the first skirmishes following their discovery, and thus, the began to colonize our world with relative ease.

In July of 2033, a lone ship holding a dozen aliens strayed from Earth’s orbit and crashed on the coast of Maryland in the United States. Being a scout ship, they had a sole purpose to bring intelligence on the human race, but his flaw led to the humans ability for resistance of their colonization. On board the ship was the collective biological data of the humans that had been kidnapped by the Kordatins, along with many models of alien mechs that were used as a basis for human mechs.

Based on the retained biological analysis data, the human race was able to create a “Super Soldier” syrum based off of the DNA of the Kordatins. The resultant was you, a pilot with the physical capabilities of a Kordatin, but one who still retains their human intelligence. With this new super soldier and the new line of mechs produced, humanity finally has a fighting chance against their invaders. It is up to you whether the Earth is colonized, or the Kordatins are sent back to Kordata with their scaly tails between their legs.
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