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Character Roles

Post by Aero Stalone on Sun Sep 21, 2014 11:32 pm

For clarification, here lies all of the current roles for both races:

Mech Pilot: A mech pilot is a human which was treated with a syrum of genes stolen from Kordatins. The syrum gives them an enhanced physique, allowing them to deal with the G-forces and harsh conditions of fighting in space. They also have enhanced strength and speed. Mech pilots are what you guys are going to want to play as.

Regular Human: Regular Humans can be best translated to "Mech Mechanics". These people will do very little and are very easily accepted. Most of you guys will not want to become regular humans and in some cases, regular humans can even pilot mechs, but requires a much more precise form of scrutiny.

Kordatin: Really, they are just Mech Pilots that are big, reptilian, and the enemy to all mankind. They are essentially mech pilots for the opposite team.

I hope this helps. Our staff may be implementing more roles in the future. Please remember that having your pilot accepted is only one part of the process as you will also need to design your personal mech and have it accepted.  Before you post your mech application, please wait for your actual character to be accepted. Thanks and enjoy.

A hybrid is a half human half kordatian.
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