Lieutenant Jason Elric (WIP)

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Lieutenant Jason Elric (WIP)

Post by Lieutenant Elric on Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:02 pm

Name: Elric, Jason

Gender: M

Age: 28

Race:  Hybrid

Birthday: 11th September

Human Appearance: Jason has an entrancing, iridescent, short, void black hair. Depending in which angle you look at it from, it seems to fade from black to shades of grey (not fifty of them) to an eye piercing white. His eyes are a vibrant royal blue apart from an abnormal golden streak straight through the right one. Most of his body is covered in bandages underneath his clothes, in case of injuries he might receive out on the field. Jason wears a striped, collared, button up shirt with a tan brown jacket. As well as a red stud ear ring and a studded metal bracelet.

Personality: The Lieutenant is usually very emotionless and unfeeling. He refuses to let people be aware of his true emotions, and will often fake being happy or sad to satisfy peoples curiosity. But when he's in Ebony, Jason's real emotions show: cold, heartless and unforgiving. And slightly sadistic. He might take a bit too much pride in his "work." But this entire personality changes as soon as he devours some sort of sweet or chocolate. Elric somehow becomes an entirely different person when this happens. The pilot becomes vulnerable, and this leaves him exposed and weak, as well as easily influenced by others.

Bio/History: (I need at least 100 words or more here based on your character's age. If your character is really really really old, I'm expecting a WHOLE LOT more than just 100 words.)

Mech: (I'll put this here when I make it. )

Guild: World Army thing

Secret Password:

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Re: Lieutenant Jason Elric (WIP)

Post by Commander Chi on Tue Sep 30, 2014 8:18 pm

hay spy I am welling to help you
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