Kurose Neste (WIP)

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Kurose Neste (WIP)

Post by Kurose Neste on Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:15 pm

Name: (Neste, Kurose)

Gender: (F./Demisexual)

Age: (29)

Race: (Human)

Birthday: (February 24, 2014)

Human Appearance: Kurose has naturally tanned skin that contrast wildly with her short and unmanagable, wild, white hair. Her hair has been platinum blonde for as long as she could remember. She doesn't normally Sleep because of the noises the machine makes are to loud for her. This is the reason usually she has intense bags under her eyes

Personality: Kurose has been running ever since. She has gone from port to port and ship to ship, and now she's tired she is sick and tired of running. During her journey and from her experiences she grew. She had seen enough pain in her travels and experienced enough her self to be able to empathize with almost anyone. She has acknowledge that fate has something else in store for her and that it may be worth risking her life for. Her path is now one to take down those who wish to cause her people harm.

Bio/History: For as long she can remember Kurose has been traveling. When she was a child her father was an art salesman, and after her mother's passing he took her everywhere. She fell in love with the wonder that came with feeling new soils, smelling new air, and tasting new water. As is the way with all good things though eventually her and her fathers travels together had to come to an end. Eleven years ago she joined the American military they quickly noticed she excelled with sniper and in and out killings. So they put her in a special unit. This unit were practically made into machine. They ate an exactly measured amount of calories. They went days without sleeping, and after about five years they completely forgot about their worldly needs. Everyday was about completing the mission until one day they received an order to disappear forever, and so Kurose started running until she found something else to fight for: humanity.  
Mech: (N/A)

Guild: (Put your guild name here. It has to be an EXISTING guild. Meaning, you can't just make up your own right off the bat. It has to be an accepted one.)

Secret Password:" Indulge />

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Re: Kurose Neste (WIP)

Post by Commander Chi on Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:40 pm

i'll help you with your history
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