William Iblis WIP

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William Iblis WIP

Post by Mech Rage on Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:50 pm

Name: (Iblis, William)

Gender: M

Age: 24

Race: Mech Pilot

Birthday: 10-18-09

Human Appearance: Will stands at 6'1, and weighs in at about 187 lbs. He has medium length dark black hair, and icy blue eyes. He normally wears a white button shirt, a black tie, and a white, turquoise, and blue blazer. He also wears black slacks, and a pair of dark brown casual loafers. He has a tattoo on the underside of his wrist that reads HOPE, his sister's name.

Personality: Will is usually a regular person, nice when he needs to be, and a trickster sometimes. He's at his worst when he's around Hope, as he constantly picks on her because of how she looks, how she acts, etc. However, Will cares dearly for his sister, stating "Keep your eyes above her chest before you don't have any."

Bio/History: Will was born into a middle class family, and was rather studious until his tenth year in high school, when he finally gave up to join the military, which his father was a sargent at the time. He was done with his preparations pretty easily, and decided on joining the air force. He was one of their best pilots before the attacks. Injected with serum, Will is ready to join the front lines with his mech, StarStrike.

Mech: (You can put a link to your mech here if you want.)

Guild: (Put your guild name here. It has to be an EXISTING guild. Meaning, you can't just make up your own right off the bat. It has to be an accepted one.)

Secret Password: Ready For Battle!
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