Hope Iblis WIP

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Hope Iblis WIP

Post by Mech Rage on Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:28 pm

[img]Erase the * and put the link to a picture of your character. This is optional.[*/img]

Name: (Hope, Iblis)

Gender: F

Age: 22

Race: Human

Birthday: 6-3-11

Human Appearance: (Please, be descriptive. I want to see at least 40 words or more. It's really not that hard.)

Personality: (I don't want something simple. Please put how they react in certain situations, how they act normally, etc.)

Bio/History: (I need at least 100 words or more here based on your character's age. If your character is really really really old, I'm expecting a WHOLE LOT more than just 100 words.)

Mech: (You can put a link to your mech here if you want.)

Guild: (Put your guild name here. It has to be an EXISTING guild. Meaning, you can't just make up your own right off the bat. It has to be an accepted one.)

Secret Password:
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